forever pissed off that leo didn’t get an oscar for what’s eating gilbert grape

Bitch, don’t try me. I am Rihanna.



Robin Williams will be missed. 

yall need this on your blogs


i’m laughing so much i have a friction burn from chafing i quit life



me as a parent 


do you think ned passed the hiv virus to felix? as i watched the movie what i understood is that ned contracted the virus when he had sex with those strangers after the beach party, and maybe he just didn't develop aids in the course of the movie, but felix wasn't that luck and got the virus and the disease. do you agree?

i guess it’s a possibility but also hiv can take up to 10 years to show any kind of symptoms so it’s possible that felix contracted the virus himself. i guess we get to make our own decision on how we think it happened, unless there is an interview with larry kramer or ryan telling us about it. 

Had the best day with this guy. One of my favourite people on the planet, we argue and bicker and I give him a lot of stick but at the end of the day all I have for him is love. As much as I hate it every time he goes back to the Navy, I’m equally as proud.